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Financial District

About the SMIF

The fund was established in 2022 through the generosity of Stu Clark, Donald K. Johnson, Arni Thorsteinson, James Richardson & Sons Ltd., the Commerce Students' Association, and the Associates of the Asper School of Business.

To begin the one-year program, students complete a 4-month course taught through the Asper School of Business. For the remainder of their term, they receive guidance from finance professionals and collectively manage a portfolio of over $1,000,000.

Our Mission

To provide real investment experience to students, engage with the finance industry, and enhance business education at the Asper School of Business.

Governance Structure

The SMIF is governed by the Board of Directors whose role is to ensure proper stewardship of the funds, set investment policy, and oversee the student Executive Committee.

The Advisory Committee, composed of faculty members and finance professionals, helps guide students and teach them the necessary skills to manage the portfolio.

The Executive Committee manages all operations of the SMIF. They are responsible for overseeing the Investment Committee, reporting fund performance to the Board, and setting strategy for the entire organization.

The Investment Committee composed of all Portfolio Managers and Equity Analysts cover the seven sectors within the portfolio and are responsible for all the investment-related activities.

Business Meeting
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